Boursin + Dumplings = Gross

Maybe I shouldn’t blame it on the Boursin cheese that I added to the biscuit dumpling mix, but, man, my dinner was gross tonight. As Michael said, “What would Padme* say?”

Padme would say that the addition of the cheese made the dumplings overly gooey and gross. Or something like that. She might say it a little better. I would argue that I love boursin and I love dumplings, so why should I not love the two together? And then I would be asked to pack my knives and go (or slowcooker, as the case may be).

Anyway, here is the recipe I used. Normally, I use my Aunt Cindy’s (delicious) recipe, but this time, I tried to cook it in my slow cooker. If anyone can make it and have it not taste disgusting, please give me your tips.



*For those of you who don’t watch Bravo, this is a reference to Top Chef. Obviously you should watch more TV.


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