The Trix Challenge (part I)

Many, many years ago, when I was a little child, I loved Trix cereal. It was my favorite. And since I was one of those lucky children who had parents who let us eat sugar cereal all the time (to no detriment, as I only have one cavity and a healthy BMI) I got to eat Trix, a lot.

And then a sad, sad thing happened. Trix changed from its original round shape:

To the shape of its “fruit”:

When this happened, the Trix became DISGUSTING. Both my sister and Ifelt this way. I don’t know if it was the texture or some change in the chemical nature of the Trix, but they became gross.

Now, Trix are back to their original round shape (oddly being marketed as a “new shape.”) Apparently, this happened some time ago, and I only just realized today when I saw it on special display at QFC. Long story short: I bought a box. Now it is time to test whether or not both the original SHAPE and TASTE have returned.

STAY POSTED for this GRIPPING news …


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