Yesterday, my car had a little disagreement with a Cadillac. Fortunately, I’m fine and it’s the car that’s the worse for wear. Basically, here’s what happened:

I arrive, promptly, for a home visit in West Seattle. I street park in front of another parked car. I check my mirror, look out the window, etc., and open the driver’s side door. I turn to undo my seat belt and grab my handbag and then WHAM!! A Cadillac SUV has driven into my door. The door was bent almost completely backwards and would not close. Fortunately, it’s made of metal and not flesh and bone like me. If I had gotten out of the car, no way would I be writing these words.

So, pretty scary, all in all. To make matters worse, the police officer informs me that I have in fact broken the law by opening my car door into traffic. Now, I feel that I opened my door into an empty street and traffic ran into my car door. Perhaps that’s just semantics, but still. This information made me burst into tears in front of the new client I was meeting. Sooooo professional. She was really nice about it, but I felt like an idiot.

Anyway, once I got home and saw Michael and talked to my dad, I felt better. My insurance people have been nice and fortunately a rental car is covered in my plan. Sure my deductible is $500, but it’s not like we are in the middle of a recession or anything, right?

All in all, it’s just a car and I’m all in one piece, and thankful to still be living such a generally blessed life.


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