Since I work on Saturdays, I take Mondays off. This is not as sweet as it may sound, seeing as I have to WORK on Saturday. And since all my friends have normal work weeks, I end up spending Mondays at home being lazy, feeling like I am taking a sick day. I know, I know, poor me.

Anyway, as a result, my mind tends to ponder REALLY important decisions like the following:

What new cell phone should I get?

I desperately want the iPhone. It’s so sexy! All those gadgets and applications … also, it’s, you know, cool. However, my cell service is through t-mobile, not AT&T, which is a barrier, and my contract isn’t up until June, which means waiting two months. Ugh. I hate waiting.

On the t-mobile side, we’ve got the G1. It’s definitely not as sexy, but it has a keyboard. It also may be a more functional phone. And I won’t have to switch carriers or anything. And I can buy it in about 2 weeks when my “new phone allowance” kicks in.  But … I’d feel like a poser.

(I realize that “feeling like a poser” is a poor reason not to make the logical choice.)

Both phones have good browsers, which is really what is driving this decision. I have a Sidekick and its browser pretty much sucks. Because my work took away email from our Blackberries  (LAME), I really need a phone that will allow me to check my work email remotely. I can do this on my Sidekick, but it’s pretty limited. Both the iPhone and G1 displayed the remote email system well, although it was easier to access on the G1 because of the keyboard.

Dilemma! Function or fashion?


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