Being sick is lame

I’ve had this cold now for going on a week. I think it’s finally getting better. I’m less dizzy and according my doctor, I am not dying. So, this is good news. The annoying news is that I am still basically incapcitated by the fatigue, cough, etc. Today I was supposed to go to a training, but I could not get out of bed (although this is possibly a combination of being sick and being generally bad at getting out of bed in the morning), so I am now at home. Bored.

There is nothing on TV. I’ve already watched 2 days of ANTM marathons and just can’t handle it anymore. There are no movies to go to that seem to be of any substance. I need a new bathing suit, but I’m not sure that now is the right time to go bathing suit shopping.

Even the cats are being boring. They are behaving on the bed.

Quite honestly, even this blog is lame.


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