At least it wasn’t swine flu …

The trial has been over for a couple of weeks now, and I think I am finally recovered from it. I’m also over my horrible cold. I’m not sure which of those two things actually required the most R & R. It’s about even.

I’m back in the thick of it at work, which is good and bad. I’ve got a couple of new cases (one of which has the potential to be a real doozy) and more free time on the weekends. I’m definitely in one of my “downward cycles” though, when it comes to my job (ie: so ready to not be doing this anymore), but that will probably ebb soon and I’ll go back to grudging acceptance. I did go to a really good conference today, where I confirmed my belief that a relative, who shall remain nameless, definitely does have a personality disorder. What this gains me: nothing, except my own smug satisfaction (and continued frustration at the way my family enables said relative).

Anyway, it’s almost May, which is my favorite month, and there are definitely a lot of things to looking foward too, including: my Memorial Day trip to San Fran with my girlfriends and celebrating my birthday. I’m not so excited about the actual turning 28 which is invovled with my birthday, but getting a group together and going to a baseball game (which is what we are doing) should be fun.

Michael and I went to Orcas Island this past weekend (up in the San Juans). We both were coming off hellish months at work and it was nice to have a few extra days to be lazy. -(At this moment, Michael is talking to one of his friends about his AWESOME health care options at Microsoft. Apparently, they have one that offers HOME VISITS. I am so in the wrong career.)- Hopefully we can go back soon – we weren’t able to see whales and Michael hurt his back, which meant we couldn’t go sea kayaking.

Other news:

My sister is officially a massage therapist
We definitely need to sound proof our ceiling


One thought on “At least it wasn’t swine flu …

  1. Congrats to Meghan! I want a massage! Is she opening up her own place or joining a spa/health club? Does she take insurance? 🙂

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