The Wild Frontier – Cruise Ships

Michael and I got back from our cruise to Alaska today. I think in general we had fun because we generally have fun with each other, but it did prove the following hypothesis to be correct:

Michael and Katie are not really the cruising type.

Alaska is beautiful and all, but after 7 days stuck in a boat with the same people, eating the same food, watching the same repeated movies on the tv (hello, how many times can you play Bedtime Stories?), it was nice to get home. Less nice will be going to work on Monday, since I think I still I hate my job.

Anyway, all (or some) sarcasm aside, we had a decent time. I relaxed A LOT and worked out every day but one, which is pretty much a miracle.

And, because I am awesome, I have made the following video for your enjoyment. Please appreciate the tongue-in-cheek nature of the business.


2 thoughts on “The Wild Frontier – Cruise Ships

  1. LOL! I love your video, Katie! It reminded me of something you and I would have made if we went on a cruise to Alaska together…but our video would be called Orca Hunters and there would be many more funny pictures of us doing silly things. I think my favorite part was the photo series of Michael eating his ice cream cone and the sprinkles going everywhere. Oh, and renaming the tour guide and the ship…good call!

  2. HAH. I am so glad you appreciated it. Everyone else seems to think it meant that I hated the trip. We WOULD have called it Orca Hunters!! That is a great name!! Oh, sometimes I miss being 12 …

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