Since we last spoke

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. One could assume that it’s been awhile since I had anything interesting to say, and that might in fact be true.

This summer has so-far been relatively nice. I can hardly believe it’s already August, although I’ve reached that place that I always reach around this time and find myself anxious for a bit of rain (not too much or anything; I am still enjoying the sun). Anyway, here are some highs and lows:

June –
Went on cruise
WNBA season officially began (go Storm!)
Joined a book club
Had at least one good hangover (par for the course when we hang out with our friends, Jason and Amy)
Started looking for new position at DCFS

July –
Fourth of July camping with Coralea, Liesl, and Michael on Mt. Rainier (very pretty)
Endured horrible deep cleaning dental procedure which has finally convinced me of the efficacy of flossing (although I choose to Water Pic and perhaps hate the dentist even more now)
Had a lovely sister weekend in Portland with my sister (played Rockband, eschewed exercise, went to a baptism)
Celebrated Michael’s birthday
Had a failed camping trip (1 night, 1 thunderstorm, 100 mosquitoes)
Still doing my same old job

August, so far-
Nothing exciting yet – but looking forward to my dad coming this weekend, camping next week, my cousin Nicole’s wedding open house in Portland (Aug 22 – hopefully I’ll get to see Brad and Lisa too!), and lots of basketball games

Other interesting tidbits:

I’ve been riding with Michael on his scooter more frequently. It is seriously a lot of fun.
My caseload is finally a respectable number (11), so I may actually be able to spend 40 hours in the office (which will help eliminate my feeling like a slacker, but probably won’t change the fact that I can’t wait to be able to look for a new job outside of the State … 7 more months!)
I’m surpisingly into Battlestar Galatica – into the final season now (I deny that Starbuck is a Cylon).

Now, I have to go peel peaches to make a pie. Perhaps my favorite part of summer -fresh peaches.


One thought on “Since we last spoke

  1. It sounds to me like you’ve had a very productive and fun summer…I’m jealous! I haven’t gone anywhere except to the beach for my birthday and that was only for a couple of hours since we had to get back to pick up the baby.

    I miss your baked goods! And you too! But more about that on the next post!

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