Being green smells really bad/Why I no longer compost


So, I got it into my head that I would be all green and shit and compost our food waste. I bought a cute little white canister and biodegradable bags and got to work. It was a BAD IDEA.

Let me tell you something: Composting is DISGUSTING. It smells like rotting poo. It smells like an outhouse. It smells worse than my cat litter box on the very worst of days.

Here’s the problem: Biodegradable bags break down. So, when you lift the bag of food waste from the bin, they are leaky and smelly and gross. A disgusting liquid residue is left behind. It makes you want to vomit.

So I am done composting. Perhaps I will find another use for the cute canister. Right now it is under the sink. If anyone wants it, please FEEL FREE. Just BE WARNED. You MIGHT DIE FROM THE SMELL.

Henceforth, I will go about being green by using cloth bags at the grocery store, drinking water from my Pur filter, not from plastic bottles (generally), and buying locally grown vegetables when I can. I will also encourage other people to compost (people I hate).


2 thoughts on “Being green smells really bad/Why I no longer compost

  1. LOL! I know exactly what you are talking about. We had to move the smaller kitchen scrap bin outside because by the time it would fill up for me to take it out to the big compost bin, it would stink waaaaay too bad. And that nasty leftover juice is absolutely disgusting and does smell like poo. I am completely with you on this! Unfortunately, since I made Jason get me one of the big outdoor compost bins a year or so ago, we are stuck with a smelly, decomposing pile of old fruit & veggie scraps in our front yard that a million fruit flies and other bugs now call their home. Keeping a bin in the kitchen just does not work.

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