Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Social Worker

“Not much money in that.” (Yeah, but I bet I make more than you think.)

“That’s an important job.” (Sure, but would you ever say that to a doctor?)

“You have a really big heart.” (Uh-huh. I get paid for this and I hate my job.)

“You must see really grim things.” (No. I have never actually seen anything as horrible as you’d think. The grimmest thing I’ve ever seen was a mother getting her parental rights terminated and I was in favor of that.)

“I could never do what you do.” (Good. Please don’t then.)

“You’re so good.” (No more than the next person.)

“Did you have a bad childhood?” (Okay, no one ever puts it so bluntly, but it’s insinuated sometimes. And no, I didn’t, and no, most of my colleagues didn’t either.)


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