Nature is so weird

We are watching “Planet Earth” right now, and I just learned that there is something in nature that is called a “snottite.”

Here is a picture. gross snot

They are bacteria colonies in caves that drip sulfuric acid.

Seriously, nature, man. These were created on the 11th day, when Mother Nature was on an acid trip, I think. (No offense, Mother Nature.)


3 thoughts on “Nature is so weird

  1. I think I like your new background/layout, but I’m not sure…I wish I could see it side-by-side with the old one.

    I did not know about snottites…that is pretty scary considering I like to explore caves…I don’t want any sulfuric acid dripping on my head, though! I can just imagine it dripping on my head lamp after a half mile into the earth and getting lost in there forever! LOL!

    1. I think you will be okay. The people they should going into these caves all had on pretty heavy duty protective gear. I don’t think that a general person could just wander in to them!

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