So, this is unexpected

I had a job interview today. It went really well. I was told I was the top candidate. And … despite my earlier euphoria (as my friend Coralea aptly described it), I don’t know if I am actually going to take the position. Which is kinda crazy, considering all the bitching I do about my current job.

Here are the issues:

1. New job is a $10,000 pay cut. Plus, I’d have to pay back the state the money I’d owe from breaking my contract early. $10,000 works out to be about a 20% pay cut, which is pretty substantial.
2. I really like my co-workers.
3. I really like my superviser.
4. I have 17 days of vacation already banked (plus 15 days of sick time). I’d have to wait 6 months at the new job to even take time off.
5. Our judge is rotating off in a couple of months. This could make a huge difference. I’m not sure I want to hear from my co-worker in January that things are so much better now and know that I didn’t stick it out.

The new job sounds good. It’s still case management, it’s still working with kids in care. It’s more concentrated in its focus, but that also means a little less control and power (which I am not exactly sure if I want to give up).

So I don’t know. The job hasn’t officially been offered to me and I have the weekend to think it over. But I kind of feel like, much to my surprise, I’ve made up my mind to stay put.

Which is sort of stunning.


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