Sing me a song

Yesterday my friend  Coralea and I saw Brandi  Carlile at the Paramount. I expected a great show, and she delievered.

I remember years ago talking with Chris (my cute American boyfriend in France) about music. At that time, I was pretty secure in my faith and he was less so in his. I remember him telling me that music was the one reason he still believed in God.

Since I was 16, my own personal relationship with God has waxed and waned, although never gone out. It’s probably something I’ll wrestle with for the rest of my life. But, sitting there in the theater last night, hearing her beautiful singing and then sound of the audience joining in, I was reminded of that conversation. I don’t know what Chris believes now, but I hope that he still thinks that God is in the music. I’m pretty sure that I do.


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