Political Activist-ing

For non-Washington readers, Referendum 71 is Washington’s Prop 8. Basically, the governor approved a bill to allow same-sex couples to have domestic partnerships that allowed “everything but marriage.” Of course, a bunch of bigoted jerks took issue with human beings having basic civil rights (I won’t even go as far as saying “equal” since it’s not equal – it’s everything BUT marriage) and got the referendum on the ballot. Voting yes means same-sex couples (and old people in domestic partnerships) get to retain the rights. Voting no means you are an asshole.

Anyway, my friend Coralea suggested that we do a little sign waving today. Granted, sign waving in Seattle is not the same as sign waving in say, Yakima, but whatever. I was a little hesitant at first, but it was actually really fun. We got lots of honks, waves, wahoo, and thumbs up. Compared to only 3 flipped fingers and one thumbs down (much more tactful). Based on this totally not scientific poll, I’d say that Ref 71 is going to pass in King County (and hopefully the state! The numbers are pretty good statewide, so there is reason to be optimistic.)

Here are some photos of the sign waving. Everyone remember to vote!Coralea and Katie Ref 71


 Coralea, Irfan, and Noah


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