2 Books

I feel like all I write about now is books. I’m sorry. Before I get to the books, here is a status quo update on me.

Halloween was really fun – Michael and I went and saw Psycho at Benaroya Hall. The Seattle Symphony played the soundtrack while the movie played above them. It was excellent. You forgot that the symphony was there. I’ve never seen Psycho before. It was deliciously cheesy.

As already written about – Brandi Carlile concert was probably the highlight of my month.

It’s now November. 4 months until FREEDOM. Also, 3 weeks until Michael and I head to Ecuador. I am so looking forward to basically being on vacation, either in the country or out, from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Michael just got back from Rome. He bought me very pretty sparkly earrings. I do like the sparkly.

All right. Now on to the point of this post.

This time around, I’m writing about two books by Charlaine Harris, who writes the Sookie Stackhouse books. Books 13 and 14 were, respectively, Dead in Dallas and Grave Sight. The former is a Sookie Stackhouse book, the second in the series. The latter is the first in another series by Harris (she writes several series) featuring Harper Connelly, a sort of medium who can find the location of dead bodies and set their souls free (as necessary) following a lightning strike when she was a teenager.

I liked both books. The Sookie book was easy to read. Since the characters were already in place, there was less expository about the whole vampire scenario. I didn’t really feel connected to the murder mystery that was introduced – it was a weak plot point, especially since the majority of the story focused on a conservative vampire killing sect in Dallas. I continue to be down on Bill but knew it was too good to be true when SPOILER Sookie breaks up with him for a while late in the book. Too bad.

I thought that Grave Sight was the better of the two books, as far as basic plot goes, although I didn’t quite understand – much like one of the characters in the story – why Harper got so wrapped up in the mystery. Her job isn’t to solve murders or anything, just to find dead bodies. I liked that Harris built up a more solid history for Harper and her step-brother, Tolliver. I also enjoyed the pace of the book, but felt like I didn’t really get why the person who was ultimately responsible for the murders had done it in the first place.

These aren’t great books, that’s for sure, but they are fun and I like that I’ve found a new author to read whenever I need to take a break from “smart reading.” Speaking of “smart reading” I am still plugging away at Pride and Prejudice.  I actually really like it. I don’t know what was wrong with me in high school. But more on that when I finish the book.

All right, grades.

Dead in Dallas: B
Grave Sight: B


2 thoughts on “2 Books

  1. Hi ya! I just wanted to tell you that a coworker just went to Ecuador for a week and has been bragging to everyone about how awesome it was. Every time she talks about it I want to punch her in the face to shut her up…but that action will remain in my head…I’m just jealous since there is no international travel anywhere on the horizon for me. But what this means for you is that you will probably have 3 times the awesomeness on your trip as she did since you’ll be there 3 times longer! Lucky!

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