See, I do more than just read

I also watch movies. But I won’t write nearly as much about them.

Zombieland was surprisingly funny. I’d recommend it. It made me want a Hostess cupcake.

Valkyrie was also good, except that it’s hard to get over Tom Cruise anymore. I’d rather of seen just about anyone else in the lead role. It wasn’t even that Tom Cruise was bad in it, it’s just he’s crazy Tom Cruise. Putting that aside, it was pretty amazing just how far their plot got – how close it came to succeeding. Makes you wonder what would have happened if in fact they had been successful.

I also bought Up which is my favorite Pixar movie so far. I think, though, that every time they release a movie (with the exception of Cars, which I actually haven’t seen) it becomes my new favorite Pixar movie. So when Toy Story 3 comes out next year … well, you get the idea. But, maybe not. I really loved Up – how could you not love a movie that has a dog named Doug and a bird named Kevin. Also, it’s so sweet and sad, but sweet because it’s sad.

Right now I am watching Sleepless in Seattle for free on OnDemand. Side note: It makes me think about my dad because he loves this movie. He used to have a huge crush on Meg Ryan until she and Dennis Quaid broke up. Earlier today I was thinking about how when my dad was little, he gave personalities and genders to numbers, which is just about the cutest thing every. As I recall, he was scared of number 5 (or maybe 7? or both), but liked number 8. I can see it – number 5 (or 7) seems shifty, while number 8 is all round and snuggly, like a hug. All this makes me very happy to be going home so soon for Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, no work, and time with my family. Lots of be thankful for.


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