Books in brief

If I don’t write about ’em now, I never will. Here’s several. Maybe I’ll add more later, but I guess these are reviewlets.

#16 Shakespeare’s Landlord – Charlaine Harris.
Another Charlaine Harris series! They keep popping up like bad pennies, except I like them. Although, I don’t know that I’ll read anymore in this series for a while. Not as engaging as the others. Grade: B

#17 Real Murders – Charlaine Harris
See! I liked this better. The protagonist is a little quirky, but the culprit in this who-done-it surprised me. Grade: B+

#18 Peter and Wendy – J.M. Barrie
I read this because a while ago someone posted about the Peter and the Starcatchers series and how they totally diverged from the original. Well, this is true. And, I don’t care. The original  Peter Pan was fine, definitely a story for grownups masked as a story for children, but Peter is kind of an asshole. Grade: B

#19 Club Dead – Charlaine Harris
The third Sookie Stackhouse book.  Man,  I really hate Bill.  In this book, he ALMOST dies, but sadly, lives (well, as much as a vampire lives) to see another night. I’ll probably still read the next one, though. Grade: B

Anyway, up for the trip:

Finish Pride and Prejudice
Wishin’ and Hopin’
– Wally Lamb (I’m halfway through and really liking it)
Animal Dreams – Barbara Kingsolver (my favorite of hers)
SuperFreakonomics– Steven D. Levitt
Bone to Pick – Charlaine Harris (second in the “Real  Murders” series)
The Opposite of Love – Julie Buxbaum


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