Latest books

Just three today (two of which were ACTUAL books, not ebooks on my Kindle. And for the record, I really hope the iPad doesn’t make my Kindle completely obsolete. 1. I love my Kindle. 2. It was expensive. 3. Not as expensive as the iPad, which  I definitely can’t afford.)

#41 Shakespeare’s Champion by Charlaine Harris
I mentioned this book in my last book-related post. I mentioned it was horrible. This did not change. Let me put it this way: the mystery was idiotic. 3 different murders which, honestly, SHOULD HAVE NO CONNECTION, have some ridiculous connection. It ends with a shoot out at a gym or warehouse or something. I don’t remember. It was awful. I’m not going to waste any more time writing about it. Don’t read it.
Grade: F

#42 Official Book Club Selection: A  Memoir by Kathy Griffin
Now this, was hilarious. I haven’t had much exposure to Kathy Griffin, aside from seeing commercials for her show on Bravo while watching Top Chef.  I don’t know why I didn’t jump on the KG bandwagon sooner. She’s awesome. She trash talks about celebrities. I LOVE celebrity gossip. She’s really funny, she swears like a sailor, and her book is well written. Also, her show at the Paramount on Jan 30 was freakin’ awesome. Anyway, the book details her climb to fame – and it’s clear she’s worked really damn hard. She’s also met a lot of famous people. Don’t read this book if you have a hard time with irreverence, swearing, or if you lack a sense of humor. Otherwise, it’s fantastic.
Grade: A

#43 The Commitment by Dan Savage
Another great book. I read Dan Savage practically every day on The Stranger’s Slog (their blog) and am a big fan of Savage Love. His book is really good. In it, he and his partner of 10 years, Terry, are deciding whether or not to get married (the book takes place several years ago before the “Everything but Marriage” act passed so this was even more of a symbolic act then). I really like how Dan examines marriage – both from a queer perspective, but also from a general perspective. As someone who thinks about marriage a lot and gets hounded about getting married A LOT MORE (thanks family!), this book really resonated. Dan’s a graceful writer and it was clear from reading it that this is a man who is crazy about his family. Hopefully someday Dan will be able to be married legally in Washington and everywhere in the country.
Grade: A

Anyway, right now I’m a bit in between books. I’ve started a few but haven’t really gotten into anything, which is annoying. I have to read The Help by Kathryn Stockett for my book club, so that’s probably what I’ll focus on. I’d love to get a few suggestions.


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