Less stress and a view?

So, my new job started yesterday. So far, I’m feeling pretty good about the change. I’ll be in training for the next 6 weeks, so I won’t be actually DOING the job for some time, but the general feeling around the workspace is really positive, which in itself is a huge change from the department, where you could practically see the stress waves rising off of people.

It’s actually a weird feeling to be sitting at home with nothing to complain about. Refreshing, even.

Also, I have a gorgeous (temporary) view of Lake Union. It was wonderful watching the sun reflect off the water today. Watching all the sea planes land was also pretty neat. Eventually, I’ll be in a cubicle without a window, but I’m appreciating the view while I have it. I’m also office mates with my friend Coralea, which is nice for me (and hopefully for her!).

A few fun facts I have learned so far:

1. A freckle is technically a tumor.
2. Not everything causes cancer.
3. Drinking 64 ounces of water a day makes you pee a lot.

The last fact is a fact I have learned from EXPERIENCE not from a book/booklet.

Clearly, there is much, MUCH more to learn. These last two days have been mostly technical – getting a login and password, setting up email, learning about the very basics of the job, but I think starting next week, training is going to become more intense- which I am looking forward to.

I’m really pleased that I am feeling so welcomed and happy at the new position. I’ve hardly worried about my old clients at all, and have been, quite frankly, sleeping much better at night. I guess not being anxious and stressed all day means that you aren’t anxious and stressed all night. Go figure.


2 thoughts on “Less stress and a view?

  1. A freckle is a tumor? Great…and probably a mole is a freckle or else skin cancer. I’m covered in cancer and/or tumors! Gack! I can’t handle knowing this!

    Anyway, I’m glad to hear the new job is refreshing and less stressful. That is always good! And it sounds like with your current lake view and soon to be friend as a cubemate are nice too! My job news is that they laid off another secretary so lucky me gets to take on a third attorney to work for. Needless to say, my screwing around on the internet time has decreased dramatically. Boo-hoo. 😦

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