Oh, right, duh, I went to the Olympics

I can’t believe I forgot to write about this. Probably because everyone who reads this blog also is a Facebook friend and so they already know about it.

In that vein, if you want to see the pictures, go to Facebook. And if you aren’t my Facebook friend, then why do you want to see pictures of me, stalker? (Just kidding.) (But really.)

Anyway, the Olympics were AWESOME. I love Canadians! They are so friendly! So helpful! So reasonable even when your team beats their team (although their team ultimately won the gold). I’m really glad that Coralea and I hopped the train, crossed the border, and experienced what is probably a once in a lifetime event (I mean, I’m not going to Russia, that’s for sure). It would have been fun to have seen figure skating or speed skating, but it would also be fun to be a millionaire, and that’s basically what it would have taken to be able to afford those tickets. Still, women’s hockey and women’s curling (go LADIES!) were great. I am now a curling enthusiast.

Okay, one picture. Just to prove I was there.

Me, Coralea, and the torch (way in the back)

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