This new life of mine

Last week was my first week of officially taking calls. Overall, it was good. There were a few people who I really couldn’t do much to help, but I think that was more on them than on me. Two of the most memorable moments: being told, very seriously, that wigs caused brain tumors (not true) and a woman who wanted to know if she had to start putting out again (I don’t think she was very happy with my answer that it appeared it would be perfectly safe for her husband, who was post-treatment, to get busy).

This job is really different from working at Children’s Administration. In most ways, I think the change is good. It’s a time to recharge, to rest, and to think about what I want out of my chosen profession. I miss the kids and I miss the relationships I built (particularly with my foster families), but I don’t miss the constant anxiety, stress, and frustration.

I’m lucky to work with Coralea, who has been a great friend and teacher (and has been remarkably patient with all my questions). My other coworkers are similarly helpful and pleasant to be around.

On the downside, I’ve been fighting a cold/allergies for a week and the quiet times don’t help my desire to be at home, in bed.

All in all, I feel blessed by the opportunity. I’m definitely learning a lot. I’m also sleeping better and complaining about my job less, which is good for me and also for Michael.

Best part hands down: people are grateful. Grateful for my help, grateful for their lives. This job makes me feel closer to my own spiritual center (while also raising my anxieties about which kind of cancer I’ll get) and also helps me to see all the wonderous ways the spirit works in our lives.

While I can’t predict precisely what the universe has in store for me (For example, I couldn’t predict that the universe would have me slop coffee down my front 30 seconds ago. Awesome.), I can see this job working out for at least a year until we either: a: have a baby or b: I feel ready to get back into the case management game. (I think you all know which option I am gunning for).


2 thoughts on “This new life of mine

  1. That sounds like a much better job. Less stress is always good…and especially if you are trying to have a baby! Is Michael on board with this? I think you guys should! Be sure to start taking folic acid now and even prenatal vitamins. They say to get into good shape and health a year before you want to get pregnant to prepare your body for it. And if you wait a year, then that’s around when I want to get pregnant again so we could have babies together!! 🙂 YAY! Just like we always dreamed in jr. high! LOL!

    On a more somber note, my grandma’s cancer turned out to be something no one has ever seen before. She had some NEW kind of cancer…great. Just what I need to worry about that I’ll get some kind of freaky cancer due to genetics.

  2. We aren’t trying yet, but hopefully once we have a bigger place … It’d be super fun to have babies together, but I’m hoping we don’t wait a whole year more!!

    Sorry to hear about your grandma. How is she doing?

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