It’s been quite a month

The last time I wrote, on June 15, I was still a whole, healthy person. 2 days later, I had an appendectomy. Now, I write as a mostly whole, healthy person, who still has trouble walking up steep hills and now has three icky scars on her tummy.

The culprit (sorry, it’s gross):

This little bugger caused a lot of trouble. For those who don’t know the story, my stomach started hurting on Wednesday night. At first, I thought it was related to the delicious hamburger I had recently consumed. The next morning, I couldn’t lift my right leg. Fortunately (and talk about good karma) I already had a doctor’s appointment that morning. Now, being my normal paranoid self, I immediately determined I had appendicitis (I read the symptoms on the NIH’s site, which is reputable, unlike WebMD). However, this is coming from me, the girl who decides she has a brain tumor whenever she has a migraine. So imagine my shock when my doctor AGREED with me. 8 hours, 1 ultrasound, and 3 exams later, I had surgery. Upon waking, I was both disappointed to not be pregnant (which is what I reportedly said) and was less one organ.

Since I had it done laprascopically, the recovery time was pretty fast (I was back to full-time at work in 10 days), but I still have issues with stamina when it comes to exercise. However, this is much better than being a: dead or b: well … dead.

Anyway, that pretty much consumed all of the last month. However, a few other important things also happened:

  • We picked a place to get married
  • My Kindle had a tragic accident with the floor
  • Before that happened, I read a lot of books, which I’ll write about when my new replacement Kindle arrives (free of charge. Thanks Amazon!).
  • The Storm are having the most amazing, fantastic season ever.
  • Our house is still on the market
  • Ellen was diagnosed with asthma
  • I’ve developed a love of riding my new bike (which I bought 4 days before my surgery. Excellent timing.)

So that’s me. Hope all is well with you.


One thought on “It’s been quite a month

  1. OMG! Ellen has asthma! LOL- just kidding…of course I care more about your loss of an organ (I totally thought that picture was of some deformed chicken or pigeon leg at first!) than I do about your obese cat’s struggle to breathe (but I do actually care about that too). At least it was a non-essential organ and not, like, your heart or lung. 🙂 I’m glad you are better now and have started blogging more and riding a bike!

    Okay, I’m going to cut this short because it is now happy hour in my office and I must go enjoy a glass of pinot gris. 🙂

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