Book withdrawal

I am missing writing about books. That doesn’t mean that anyone is missing READING about the books I’ve read, but that’s really neither here or there. Also, my life just isn’t that interesting, so I don’t always have that much to say. I’ll try, though.

So what can I say? Plans for my wedding are moving along swimmingly. I really should be a wedding planner, because even though we are 3 months out, I’m pretty much done. Place, date, flowers, music, dress, colors, invites, you name it, I’ve done it. Except for the little details (like what shoes will I wear), I’ve really got nothing left to plan. Which makes it awkward when people ask me how the wedding planning is going over and over. I’m really looking forward to the wedding, although I keep having nightmares that I’ve forgotten to get my dress altered or that I have only an hour to prepare. No dreams that the wedding won’t happen though … yet.

I am happy that fall is here. I love summer, but I also love sweaters. And boots. And hot chocolate. And while I don’t like walking or driving in the rain, I love reading a book on my comfy couch, with a cat in my lap, watching the rain come down. Also, fall TV. And pumpkin beer. Really, the list of things that are wonderful about fall just keeps going.

Work continues to be good. While a part of me really misses direct service and working with kids, I know that what I am doing is helpful and meaningful to so many people. I am endlessly frustrated by the stories from people who don’t have insurance and even more frustrated by the fact that I live in a country where so many people are opposed to the idea of providing health care to everyone. All I can say to those people – I hope you don’t lose your job/your insurance and then discover you need a mammogram.

Michael and I have decided not to move – or rather, the terrible housing market decided for us when no one bought our place. It’s cozy with us and the cats and hopefully a baby someday soon (although we aren’t expecting one quite yet), but at least it’s nice and close to work. We’re doing some remodeling so we can get a washer and dryer and it makes me feel old when I realize just how excited I am by that.

Anyway, life is good. Michael and I were talking yesterday about how stable and grown-up we are. It’s weird to realize that I really do have a stable, successful, solidly middle-class, adult life, but it also makes me feel lucky. Enough to eat, a place to sleep, a good man to love, and lots to look forward to. Like the rain. And pumpkin beer.


One thought on “Book withdrawal

  1. Awwww…you are so cute, Katie!! It does trip me out when I realize how “grown-up” I am in my life, yet in my head I am still feeling like I have no idea what is going on! I love fall too! You mentioned many great things to love, but you forgot one…maybe because you haven’t found them up there? Pumpkin chocolate chip bread or muffins!! It is seriously the best! You must try it! I swear I could eat it all day long. I’ve been wanting to come up and visit you, but I’m not sure when. Will you be down for Thanksgiving? I miss you and love you!!

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