2010 … a good year.

When I was younger and still writing in a journal, every New Year’s Eve, I would write a list of all the good and bad things that had happened that year. Usually, the good list was longer than the bad, and overall, it always served as a reminder of how truly lucky I was to have the life I had. Now, I see very little reason to write about the bad – we hear so much, every day, about the bad that it makes us forget all the moments of good, and 2010 has been very good to me. My relationship is healthy and happy, I have a wonderful new job that has introduced me to so many marvelous people, we’ve got a baby on the way (and the morning sickness is on its way out!), terrific friends both near and far, my wonderful, amazing family, and simple things that certainly not enough people in this world have – enough to eat, a roof over my head, and faith in tomorrow.

This year, of course, has been especially blessed, what with the job, the baby, the engagement. But these are just icing on an already decadent cake. At the end of the day, the greatest things are the people in my life – Meghan, my dad, my mom, Michael, Brad, Lisa, Coralea, Aunt Susan; it’s a list of folks that is too long to write (especially when you consider the sheer volume of Rasers!).

I am grateful, grateful to God, to the universe, so very grateful, for all that I have. I hope in 2011 we are all so lucky.


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