While I still have time to read

There are many things I can no longer do because of being pregnant – for example, riding my bike, bending over, taking deep breaths, drinking, or eating sushi. Fortunately, I can still read. Sadly, I haven’t read anything particularly good in the last few months.

However, there have been a few books that are worth mentioning.

First, the Hunger Games trilogy. I’m late to come to this books (much like with Harry Potter) but I love them. I have had to put limits on when I can read them since they are keeping me up way past my bedtime. Currently on the third.

During our honeymoon, I read At Home by Bill Bryson. A biography of sorts about home life in the Western World. I love Bill Bryson (even though he is the reason I fear the explosion of the Yellowstone Caldera) and thought this book was both interesting and amusing.

The third Flavia De Luce book, A Red Herring WIthout Mustard did not disappoint. While none of the subsequent books have thrilled me the way that the first did, I still love Flavia.

Lastly, for a decent mystery (even if the writing wasn’t stellar), I’d recommend The Sherlockian, by Graham Moore. I personally really enjoy the Sherlock Holmes stories, so that may have been partly why I liked it so much. Quick, easy read with a fairly satisfying conclusion.


I read A Discovery of Witches thinking it was going to be Harry Potter for grownups. Instead, it was Twilight for grownups. Much like in the Twilight books, I was infuriated by the passive heroine, who goes from being fairly capable and successful to completely reliant on her vampire boyfriend. Much to my chagrin, this book appears to be the first in a series. And much like Twilight, I’ll probably read the follow-up. My advice – if you don’t start the first book, you won’t have to read the second.

The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder, by Rebecca Wells. Wells wrote the Ya-Ya Sisterhood books, which I really enjoyed. This book was awful. Vapid characters, poor plot development, poor writing. Very disappointing.

I’ve got 10 weeks to cram in the books – I’m sure once the baby comes, it’ll be a lot harder (at least for a while) to find the time to read.


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