Insomnia causes brilliance?

Probably not, but this is what I was thinking about last night when I was having trouble sleeping, due to the baby deciding it was a great time to perfect her karate chop.

BURNING QUESTIONS ABOUT HARRY POTTER (That’s right. My brain is weird.)

1. Research shows that children who are chronically neglected have pretty terrible outcomes in life. And poor little Harry had to live in a closet. How is he so well adjusted and empathetic? How is he not a serial killer? Is it magic? Also, how did the Dursleys escape the notice of British child services? Harry’s skinny and pathetic, while Dudley is a robust meanie. You’d think his teachers or pediatrician would have noticed.

2. Where do wizard children go to school before Hogwarts? Are there wizard elementary schools? Obviously they learn to read and do math somewhere. Where do Squibs go to school?

3. Voldemort really only seems to menace England and, for whatever reason, Albania. Did Chinese wizards view him as a threat? Was Voldemort the Bin Laden of the wizarding world or more like the Unibomber?

4. Where do wizards go for medical treatment when it is a non-medical malady? Do wizards get cancer? Where do they deliver babies?

5. Wizards have radios. Why not TV?

6. Why do they drink so much pumpkin juice? Pumpkin is a pretty strong flavor. I get the Halloween/Magic connection, but why not apple juice? Or iced tea? Or Coca-Cola?

7. Along the same lines as number 5: Wizards seem to eschew Muggle technology. But was it not a Muggle who invented the flush toilet? Or was that a magical invention that trickled down to the Muggle population? Further – trains, also a Muggle invention. How did students get to Hogwarts before trains?

At this point, I fell back asleep. But burning questions none the less.



One thought on “Insomnia causes brilliance?

  1. I always thought that Witch and Wizard society was more about late adoption caused by isolation and lack of interest, rather than a definitive rejection of technology. As successive generations of Muggles were born with the gene enabling magical powers, they would bring with them the technologies and fashions they felt couldn’t be replaced by magic (or were simpler than magic). I’m quite sure that, by the time we are using 3D holograms both for entertainment and communication, witches and wizards will have flat-screen TVs and smartphones.

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