Quinn is in the midst of an long nap, so I figured I should use the free time to write. (I’m sure now that I’ve started she’ll wake up).

My girl is officially a toddler now. I don’t know exactly when it happened. She went from being on the cusp, right in between baby and toddler, to full-blown toddler in what felt like the space of 24 hours. I am not sure how I feel about it. There is this stupid Dreft commercial that keeps playing on Hulu that is all, “You have a child forever, but a baby for just one year,” and every time it plays I want to cry/punch the TV. Like, RUB IT IN, Dreft. God.

The pros of toddler-dom are many – she eats real food, she is attempting to communicate, she walks, she can play independently. The cons are similar – she makes a mess of real food, she isn’t very good at communicating so she often is shrieking in frustration, she walks into places that she shouldn’t (the bathroom is a particularly favorite; she just KNOWS when we forget to shut the gate), and independent play often seems to similarly involve off-limits things. Still, it’s been fun to have a more interactive relationship with her. She is definitely a spunky girl. My mom called her a “pistol” and I think that’s apt.

We are looking forward to fall in the Raser-O’Neill household. Toddler college has started and we’re back into a gym routine. Quinn’s got a Halloween costume all picked out and we’re starting to nail down holiday plans. I always love summer, but it just seems so busy. And hot and sweaty, when you are pushing a stroller everywhere.

Mike is continuing to work on his genealogy project. I am really amazed by how long all my family tree branches have been in the US. It’s been fascinating to find out when people came over; I just wish we knew a bit more of the whys. So far, I’m not related to anyone super famous, but I can claim Beverly Clearly as a relative (I loved the Ramona books as a child, so this makes me happy). I think he was also surprised by the depth of my family tree – he has put in many more hours on my Raser/Harding/Schrader etc. lines than he expected. It’s just cause I am so damn American.

We’re also keeping a close eye on the November election – both nationally and here in Washington. We’ve got a governor’s race and Ref 74 on the ballot (if it passes, we’d be the first state to uphold marriage equality, which would be exciting and encouraging). Obviously, we are an Obama/Inslee family, which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Just the thought of President Romney makes me throw-up a little. Vice President Paul is even worse.

I’m heading home this weekend for a memorial service for my aunt Susan’s dear friend, Sandee. She was a sweet, sweet lady who we lost to breast cancer this past week. We’ll also be raising a glass to my Uncle Bill, who we lost 13 years ago tomorrow to colon cancer. Cancer, you are an asshole.

Ending on a happier note, though, with a confidential message to my sister. I love carrots!



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