Oh, right, I don’t really like fall…

Ok, that isn’t entirely true. Like everyone with a soul, I do love those fall days that can only be described as crisp. You know the ones: sunny and gorgeous, but not so warm that you can’t wear a sweater. Those days are perfect. You can be outside, but not sweaty; outside, but without risk of sunburn; outside, holding a delicious latte in your hand.


Every year while I become enraptured with the fall in my head (see above), I somehow seem to suffer what I like to call Pacific Northwesterner Amnesia. Symptoms: Forgetting that fall here is a wet, soggy mess that makes you want to crawl in bed with a cup of cocoa and hibernate. Which, to be fair, sounds great, but some of us aren’t bears and have things like jobs and toddlers.

To be fair, this year we did have a long, beautiful summer. There was a hint of perfect fall (though, still a bit warm for sweaters) and a few days of enjoying the leaves turning orange before they were whipped off the trees by rain and wind and stomped into a nasty mess by pedestrians. Those days seem to be gone though and we are left with days like today which can only be described as gross.

However, every cloud has a silver lining. In this case: fall tv! And babies in cute hats! And pumpkin beer!! Ahhh, pumpkin beer. You make everything better.



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