Post election euphoria

Well, the election is finally over. I don’t even watch real TV or live in a swing state and I was ready to punch a kitten every time I saw a political ad.

It goes without saying I am happy about the results, especially here at home where we approved our referendum on marriage equality.

Now that my worries about the nation have eased, I am ready to focus on equally important topics. For example, what kind of pies to bake for Thanksgiving? Do I give my father another bottle of whiskey for Christmas, or should I try to come up with something more original? And, of course, where the hell have my gloves gone?

Life has been exciting in the Raser-O’Neill household, baby wise at least. Quinn is starting to talk (first real word: baby) and is working on a mess of teeth. She has also learned how to wave hi and bye and is hinting at a future career as a mountaineer by climbing on everything. She has also become a real cuddler, which I find delightful, even if her kisses are a bit moist.



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