No. Just no.

Dear Warm 106.9 FM,

It is November 18th. Thanksgiving is still several days away. Christmas is more than one month away.

Why, in that case, are you playing Christmas music right effing now?

Look, don’t get me wrong. I love the holidays and I like Christmas music. Silent Night is my personal favorite. I also quite like Oh Holy Night. I just don’t like them ONE MONTH before the blessed event.

Here’s the thing. There just isn’t enough good Christmas music to fill your airways 24/7 for more than 30 days. The song isn’t called The 12 Days of Christmas for nothing. So instead of playing good tunes, you play shite. Elevator Muzak shite. It makes me want to burn down every damn Christmas tree I see. It’s not enough that every single department store has had their Christmas displays up since Labor Day; you have to add your annoying crooning crap to the mix.

How about a song or two every hour? How about we wait until December?

Do you need a visual? This is what your Christmas music blitz makes me feel like.


Are we clear? Good.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!



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