Top 10

So, since everyone else and their mom is making a top 10 list, I thought I would too. In fact, I made two!

To start, in no particular order, my 10 best non-Quinn moments of 2012:.

1. Watching my best friend get married
2. Finding out that my sister is having a baby (and a girl to boot!)
3. Brandi Carlile singing Silent Night at the Christmas concert in Olympia
4. Marriage equality passing in Washington
5. Christmas with my family in Portland
6. Mike ordering all the desserts on our date night in Los Angeles (delicious)
7. Making the best pie ever for Coralea’s Christmas party
8. My sister’s surprise birthday massage
9. Every day I got to hang out with Meghan
10. Baby college parents’ night out (but NOT the next day!!)

And now, a slightly easier list, my top 10 Quinn moments

1. Celebrating her first birthday with dinner at Quinn’s
2. Laughing at the goats at Point Defiance Zoo
3. Hearing her first words
4. First steps
5. Her first real belly laugh (at Cooper the dog)
6. Swimming this summer
7. Eating her first cupcake on Father’s Day
8. Play dates with Cecilia and Don (especially the aquarium on my birthday)
9. Watching her open Christmas gifts
10. Her first slide

Of course, this is just a glimpse of all the wonderful moments this year brought. In a year filled with so much tragedy, I feel blessed to have had so much joy.



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