Oscar bait

So, I love the Oscars. And not because I am a huge movie nut (I’m not. My favorite movie I’ve seen this year was Pitch Perfect, which tells you a lot about my preferred kind of movie), but because I love the spectacle of it all. And I do like movies. And making fun of rich people dressed in hideous “dresses” (obviously the best part).

Anyway, I almost always lose when it comes to my Oscar ballot, regardless of how many movies I have seen, but that has never stopped me before! So here I go. For the record, I’ve seen the following nominated films:

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Fresh Guacamole (animated short)
How to Survive a Plague (documentary)
Les Miserables
Paperman (animated short)
Silver Linings Playbook
Mirror Mirror (nominated for costumes, a category I care very little about. Also, this movie sucked. My 9 year old niece wanted to watch it.)

Full list here

I am terrible at the categories for cinematography, sound, etc, so I won’t even bother. Also won’t bother with categories where I have seen zero of the movies. Who cares about those anyway? Anyway, in full People magazine style, my predictions.

Best movie:
My pick: Beasts of the Southern Wild
My prediction: Argo

My pick: Spielberg for Lincoln
My prediction: Ditto

My pick: Quevenzhane Wallis
My prediction: Jennifer Lawrence

My pick: Daniel Day Lewis
My prediction: Ditto (duh)

Supporting Actress
My pick: (it pains me to say this) Anne Hathaway’s gaping mouth
My prediction: Ditto

Supporting Actor:
My pick: Tommy Lee Jones
My prediction: Honestly not sure. Probably TLJ, but maybe Deniro.

My pick: How to Survive a Plague (and not just because it was the only one I’ve seen)
My prediction: I’ve read that Waiting for Sugarman is a favorite, but I honestly don’t know. Certainly less depressing than it’s competition.

Animated movie:
My pick: Brave
My prediction: Ditto

Animated Short:
My pick: Paperman
My prediction: Ditto

We will see on Sunday! I must say, I’ve so far really enjoyed most of the Oscar noms I’ve seen, which is an improvement from years past.


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