Hello, suburbia

We’ve been in our new house for about a week. Everything is mostly put away, but the walls are still bare and there are a few organization things left to do. Still, we’re moved in enough that it is beginning to feel like home – in a way our last place never really did.

We aren’t technically living in the suburbs (God forbid) but one of those richy urban neighborhoods that are so desirable (which is why we are renting!). Still, it’s the furthest either of us have lived from the city center since we both moved independently to Seattle nearly 7 years ago.

I, for one, love it. My 20 year old self – the self that swore that she’d never have a house or yard or mow a lawn – is probably horrified, but 32 year old me is rather satisfied. I love the trees, I love waving at my neighbors when we walk or drive by, I love looking outside and seeing trees and grass instead of concrete and brick buildings. I loved living in the city too – with its hustle and bustle – but my soul is seeking to be more settled and it seems easier to settle when you don’t share walls with anyone else.

Quinn, for one, seems like a bird set free from her cage. She is constantly asking for “outside” and loves digging in the dirt of the garden that I am trying to cultivate (thankfully the previous owners did the difficult work of actually building it). She loves pointing out the bugs and the flowers, though the “yard waccum” seems to scare her a bit.

We are looking forward to a summer of barbecuing, a 2nd birthday party, and hopefully lots of time with family and friends, including my sweet new niece, Addison. I hope the sun shines forever.




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