30 Days of Being Thankful: Day One

It’s November, which means it’s time for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I love being able to see my whole family, eat some delicious food, chat with my cousins, see all the little kids running around, and eat some damn good pie (if I do say so myself, since I make it).

I think, though, it’s easy to forget that Thanksgiving is more than just eating – it is about giving thanks. And however muddled the origins of the holiday’s history are, that is a message worth remembering.

So, thus begins 30 days of being thankful. Each day, I’m going to do my best to post a short, “I’m thankful” for message.

Since it was a Facebook post of my sister’s that inspired me to do this, today, November 2nd, I am thankful for my sister. She is beautiful, vibrant, funny, and smart. She is my best friend and without her, my life would be a paler version of itself.



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