In fact, I AM a feminist …

It’s been a while since I blogged here because I have been busy setting up my party planning website Katie♦Did Events (shameless plug) and blogging there.

I feel so exhausted by the news these days. Everywhere you look, if someone isn’t being shot then some idiot is squashing civil rights or talking out of their ass about things they don’t know about. Like, say, Planned Parenthood. Now, I already wrote a post some time ago about why Planned Parenthood matters, so I’m not going to rehash it here. But, I am going to write about something I think is completely related.

And that is: Hollywood celebrities and starlets talking about not being feminists. Which, fine, except, that I don’t think they actually know what they are talking about, as in the same breath, they usually discuss men and women being the same, not wanting to alienate men, etc. etc. UH DUH. I mean, obviously you’ve got Radical Feminists who do have some more isolationist thoughts about men (the awesome podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You recently did a series of great episodes on feminism, which I really enjoyed).

It’s not like it’s new for women to deny being feminists, but it is also no less damaging. Especially when attacks on women’s rights are rampant. This isn’t just about abortion. It’s about women’s health care, domestic violence, paid-leave, equal pay, rape culture, and so on. Because feminism, at its core, is about equality. And so to suggest that being a feminist is a bad thing is to suggest that equality is bad, or that a person who declares that, yes, in fact, she should have equal rights, is out-of-touch is just so problematic. And that is what these celebrity and starlet blurbs suggest.

I feel like I’m not being particularly eloquent about this (I function these days on very little sleep), but maybe that’s because the issue is just so flabbergasting. I can’t imagine declaring myself to be anything but a feminist – why in the hell would I suggest that I am less than, or my daughter is less than, or that we deserved to be treated as less than.

I should be able to control my choices about my body because it is my body. No one freaks out when a man gets a vasectomy, or takes Viagra, or messes with their reproductive organs. No one freaks out when a man in corporate America (a white man, I should clarify, since feminism is also about fighting racism) demands that they receive the pay they deserve or the work they do. (Obviously, there is a whole discussion about non-corporate workers and people of color and those pay disparities  that could be had, and should be had, but that is for another day.)

It gets tiring repeating these same arguments, reading the same arguments, but it is even more tiring reading about the same attacks on women’s equality. Look, I know that women have come a long way in a short time, but that doesn’t mean that the journey is over. And, I for one, don’t intend to shut up about it.

feminist-quotes-e1406022298677-300x231 i-am-a-feminist-maya-angelou-quotes-sayings-pictures


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