Writing again

There was a time in my life when I wrote ALL THE TIME. Granted, that time was when I was young and unencumbered by work or children and was in the thick of the excitement of being a young adult. It’s so easy to be full of angst when you are in passionate and youthful … More Writing again

Surviving age 3

It’s been awhile since I’ve written on this blog, but Mike and Quinn are out of the house and I have to do something with the eerily quiet time (I’ve already watched 2 episodes of Top Chef, cleaned the kitchen, and exercised … I’m so productive when I’m not parenting!), so I figured I’d check … More Surviving age 3

Schnitzel. Bless you.

Austria. Birthplace of Mozart, Marie-Antoinette, Freud, and wiener schnitzel. Austria was supposed to be the redemption of spaetzle. It was to be my grand renaissance of dough-based side dishes. Alas, I have a cold and that spaetzle was not to be. To be honest, I only cooked the pork tonight because I was worried it … More Schnitzel. Bless you.