Ecuador photos

Okay, there are just too many damn photos from our trip to Ecuador. So I’m boiling it down to 10 which I hope will capture the spirit of the trip. Anyone wants to see more, you’ll just have to flip through my memory card yourself.

Here is Michael with a plate of guinea pig. Yes, guinea pig.
Michael taking photos. Basically what he did besides eating and sleeping.
One of the many bull torturers we saw at the HORRIBLE bull fight. Bull fights make me cry, BTW.
Traditionally dressed woman at the animal market. (Pigs scream like humans.)
Traditionally dressed woman at the animal market. (Pigs scream like humans.)
This lady is feeding her 4 year old. In public. The kid walked up to the tit for a sip. THIS WAS COMMON.
Adorable preschoolers in uniforms. All over the place.

Me and my llama friend at the only worthwhile Inca ruins in Ecuador (not pictured).
We had drinks at a little cafe, underneath the church, almost every day we were in Quito.
The DIY photo. And our Panama hats (actually from Ecuador, not Panama).
Empanadas. Delicious.

So there you go. Ecuador in a nutshell.


4 thoughts on “Ecuador photos

  1. Cool!! I will have to flip through your memory card sometime because I want to see more!! Or maybe you have some on Facebook? I will have to see. I’m jealous! It’s so cool you went to Ecuador and ate guinea pig! I want to go and copy you!

  2. @Lisa – I’ll definitely let you flip through the memory book. I’m overwhelmed by the project. Although, perhaps now I’ll have more time to attend to it, since I am switching jobs.

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